The (W)hole

The (W)hole

Oh mighty spacious hole!
For years you had me in control.

You ruled my life with stamina and strength
I always wanted to stop your length

In those painful moments of despair
I was paralyzed – almost with no air

I looked at you as my evil predator..
Oh God ..send me a vigorous negotiator

I seeked outside for paraphernalia to dare
Hey you world…… you owe me…. to care!

On the floor in my own bareness
I stood up in full awareness

I had taken a bold and shivering dive
Looking into all my lives

In full trust and nothing to mislay
I swam around to find my pay

Deep down I found my rest in the void
At last I fully myself enjoyed

My torso found it easy to inhale
All My life I thought I would fail

I give you the secret
The power of the hole
Deep inside of it  
You become the Whole

(W)holy reflections Betina

© April 2008 Betina Ekman – All Rights Reserved


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