Til alle Jer – fra alle Os

We come full of joy.

We come to reassure you of your wellbeing.

This time of the year is  where your hearts are ever so open.

In there you always find your own truth. The truth you seek all year.

What we ask of you, is for you to rely on your own path.

Even during times of discomfort. Since you are all connected – it cannot be helped to have an influence on each other,but you personally are not always the course.

With your faith we reassure you – it will be worth your while.


However what we see is – that you are often in the way.

You come to delay our fine work with you.

2014 is a year of leaving behind your self importance.

Feel self imortance inside you and be of great importance to others .

Some of you seem to fear to blend in. If You find peace with it

– you will see miracles happening.

The world sees you – but you cannot see your self. 

You must feel your self. Adjust that feeling within you.

Those of you who take brave steps with peace inside you – will take quantum steps this year.


We wich you a Merry Peace within you.


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