Nyt fra Merlin om Corona

This is Merlin. – You are inside the turmoil.

I come to make you calm.
I come to inform you of The Corona message.

The world is standing front to front with its “dabblers.”
The system made the rebels rise, but did the rebels forget their sense.

How can you teach and inspire each other?
How can you come together?

How can overconfident or cocky fellow man learn from cautious man?

The world must come together to discover.

Thou shall not judge your fellow man – but with pleasant intent you can enlighten.

Each of you must find your rebel and tame within.
Each must look for your inner preacher and learn his agenda.

Balance your life wisdom and find humility to pay attention.
Use with your own free will these prayers below.



Holy Spirit, establish good habits in me, that I may grow.

God, paint a smile on my face that I can share out.      

 God empower me to keep my focus on the task at hand.

 God stir up within me the power of boldness to face circumstances of life.

I come to tell you to look within to see where you still block the stream of flow in your life.

Are you hurt and hiding anger within?

If these words are roaring inside of you:

What’s the use?

It’s too hard!

I want to give up!

Please someone save me!

I don’t want to chance and adapt.

I feel overwhelmed.

Still provoked by other peoples opinions.

Don’t reject your self to keep and gain peoples love and respect.
This is your own task in life.

Over responsible towards others and not being self-responsible.

These are important matters to look at – to make your immune system stronger.


Keep up your spirit with the intent to help and serve those who are week in these times.
You cannot help the week when you are week.


This is Merlin.

You are all blessed.


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