Merlin´s Halloween Sprinkles

Merlin er igennem med en vidunderlig kanalisering om at ære vores forfædre og deres liv på jorden.


For many years
– Man has tried to keep Man down.

Many past lives ago they kept you down.
Because they were kept down.

Your Hare chakra memory of these times can hinder you on your present path – so if you carry the past with you – you carry inappropriate agendas with you.

This is the time to let go of all your hidden agendas, and pursue your true path.

This is the time where you courageously walk your path without manipulations
– known or unknown to you.

Knowing that only the truth will set you free.
What´s in it for me is a bygone way of life.

This is the approach by which you can unlock your chains of conditional bondings.

Know thyself as Jesus expressed:

You are innocent until enlightened on this matter, but it is your bond to yourself to look within.
Halloween is about celebrating the dead.
Celebrating those who tried their best. You may carry with you a memory that they didn´t try their best – I can assure you they did try. 
When we celebrate the dead – we set ourselves free to cherish our present lives – and we know that one-day will come when others will celebrate our lived lives.
Halloween will continue – it is your deed to foretell why we celebrate the great day of the dead.
Imagine the dead all lived a life – both in harmony and certainly also in pain.
Lets honor the lived lives of the dead.
Light a candle tonight for those who past away both known to you and unknown to you.
Bless them and receive blessings from the other side.
Celebrate them.
You carry the Lantern to Enlighten the Path that you walk.
From which you shall awaken your creativity – your unconditional love to the world.
Loving with no conditions. Bonding with no conditions.

At the same time I intent for you to look around and see the beauty in everyone who is breathing right in this moment – bless them now. Before it is too late. Listen to their stories before it is too late.
They may carry codes to heal your soul.

The Path that we all must walk.

Dia de los muertos festival Mexico

I wish you an enjoyable and gifted Night of Halloween – Pass on the story now and send those in heavens a graceful blessing.
A blessed memory of lived lives – respectfully cherished in our hearts.


Magical Halloween Sprinkles from Master Merlin channeled by Betina


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