Merlin Wisdom

All my beloved souls,

I step forward for a short visit.

Why do you keep forgetting the reason you are here?

It´s not to find whom you are, but to find home in you. What beautiful skills you have to use in your world.
Lift your head and be present.
The signs that we show and spread are everywhere.
Some of you are still missing those beautiful little symbols.

Home is not in an alternative country or a different city.
It resides within you.

There you find the Who, The You, the Magical Creator, the Playmate, the Happy Dude. Your Ego may be in the way – Seek help from someone with more light. Many light workers have risen – don’t wait for your Ego to leave – Your Ego is also part of you. But The You must lead that little fellow of lust. Behind him breathes your Excalibur.

Your loving strength and abundant Creator.


Only in the present moment will you find it.
Don’t flee the next kingdom to find peace.
Don´t judge the fellow man – for he is you.

Be The You and master That You with your present headship.

I dismiss you with a bow of present wisdom, I am Merlin.


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