Merlin kanalisering om Corona Virus.


Merlin on Corona

Dear ones. This is Merlin

World must bond or world will stumble.

The Corona meaning; “Crown” is the term for the outermost layer of the sun’s atmosphere. Corona is here to show us our vulnerability as humans.

Your world need not show more muscle – merely awe and reverence between you and within your selves.

Pride comes before a fall. Not to lecture – but to awaken.

Your fragile masks are cracking. Fear not – but know that you are home safe – also when exposed and genuine.

Your victim role has come to expiration. Stop allowing yourselves to feel criticized and attacked.

Your petulance is making you sick.

Foreign encounters enter your space, because you are accommodating it. You need boundaries selaed with your own leadership.



You are being asked to be brave and have faith.
But do not be foolhardy and taunting.

You are being asked to dare looking within.
And recognize and confess to your own covert programs. Cast them away and stand up and reach out for the helping hands.

You are in the midst of being prepared to pact much bigger encounters in the future.

The future being that if you stand together as fellow man in faith and with love and courageousness you can fight anything together.
Together you will seal strongly against any aggressive encounters.

Be aware:

Thou who must be educated must learn to bow to present and awakened wisdom.

Thou who have awakened must communicate and inspire as a humble forerunner – not as an autocrat.


I come to alert you that only with your ability to co-create will you succeed.  

Fraidy-cats display your selves and follow the leaders of the heart who walk with awe and have faith within themselves.


Prayer: Those who fall during this:
Please forgive us promptly our belated awakenings.
May you come back to inspire us.


You all must let go of your fear between you – for you all need all of you calm and strong united in the future. With great wisdom and love shared between you.

This is Merlin
Blessed are you all.


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