Kærlige tæsk fra Merlin

Kanalisering helt frisk fra Merlin.

Den er kommet ind på engelsk og når den kommer på engelsk er energien bedst.

Tror da lige, at husbonden kom tidligt ud af døren i morges!
Jeg elsker Merlins energi.
Merlin kalder en spade for en spade.
Advarsel: Klar besked!
Jeg har allerede lavet regnskab!
Kæft det hjalp at blive skubbet i gang!
Jeg kan se mit spisebord nu. Så fedt!
Det er altid regnskabet jeg mangler!
Ringer til revisor med det samme.

Step up with Merlin

Do you think you get it by sleeping in?

Even though many of you have been known to understand that there is no quick fix – some of you still seem to hunger that quick fix.

If only you knew what set-back you put your selves into?

– you just wouldn´t do it!

You seem tired – yes I know – because you waste so much energy in seeking.

It’s all within you.

It may be inactive – but it’s inside you.
This is what it could look like within you.

Time has made you lazy too.
A lived life in victim lane.
Victim energy is so tiresome.

If you live your life as a farmer – getting up every day doing the same thing.
You are getting closer to what is required from you.

It’s the work that you put into your every day life, which matters.

And honestly – those of you who say that you put so much work into everyday live and it still doesn´t happen for you? – Are putting your energy in the wrong places. You need to wake up and learn how to adjust your lenses.
You need to focus!

Those of you who think the magic should be served
on a tray after having meditated for a while?
You are merely seeking the result of no cure.
You seem like you get high on getting the proof everyday that miracles only take place in the fairytales. Or only with special people.

I am Merlin – I am known to lift my pointed finger to lecture my students. When I watch some of you – I feel like giving it to you – because I the see the victim in you.

I want you to become a Master.

When things don´t function you tend to give up so easily loving to moan about life.

You keep telling yourselves little stories.
That is self-deceit.
My God – My heavenly Father! “Send me strength! “

Be ware of my irony.

Miracles happen in the now – right now as I speak.
Put on your glasses!

Whilst doing it you need to sing with the birds and feel the cool or warm air.
Embrace what is right now today.
But keep walking.

Also it is your interpretation of abundance and a rich life.

Ask your selves: – What is a rich life?

Some of you don´t notice the smallest little miracles such as the way a branch on threes are advancing.
How they whorl – you are missing the fun of life.
Those of you who see those spirals already know of the feeling what those bargain you?

That is where the fun begins.

With my permission:

Please go out now and create some fun!
Stop blaming others for your stamina.

If the phone company is not doing their things – you attract it!

Its funny how the sun shines somewhere and suddenly the sky decides to become Niagara Falls somewhere else?

You attract it!
With your vibration.

Many kind regards from Merlin – Get your act together.
Remember that a firm earfull means love too.
You are so loved……
– feel the love while you spread joy and happiness
Keep rowing your boat…..


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