Full Harvest Moon

Stepping with honesty with Master Merlin.

I welcome you on this full harvest moon on September 24th.

Some of you feel the moon in its full intention and power.

The Mass consciousness is preparing itself to stand strong against those who have awakened and those who are waking up.

You are becomg more and it challenges the Masses and  it is making itself stronger with more fear.

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This affects your fears of loneliness and your fear of success.

Some of you even you who have awoken are still so troubled standing alone.
You still seem to misinterpret the Law of the Meaning of Life itself.


Life always gives you what you need.


Your body is telling on you.
Do you attend?
Not all ….must you do alone?
If you feel suffering within you – seek others who walk now.
– Or take the time to go through it with yourself.
Not all will be easy to heal.
Allow help to transform.
Don´t stay in agony.

If someone near you is suffering.
Step a side to help heal.
Expand your consciousness and stand strong in your power and love – but don’t fix.
If asked for help – know your limits.

This Full Harvest Moon is powerful and transfers truth.
It will trigger the You who still confesses identity.

Let you not be fooled by the newly emerged lighthouse.
It glosses merely the light-fear of never glowing in true essence.
And it needs your awe….! – to stay alive.

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The child who has not yet been formed – expresses the truth.

It is found nearby you. Dont rely on always knowing yourself to be the true you.
Many of you are still telling yourselves stories about your self.

Find that child –  within you.

Ask your selves this: Am I living my truth or am I living what I think will give me peace, love and happiness?

You need to find a genuine truth cashier.

The 3rd Mass Consciousness have awakened.

The entrance pass is your feet.
Those steps will feel wholesome to walk.
Even you must hike alone at times. Even you don’t catch The Awe from the masses.
You walk Wholesome.

Walking in nature and being still could be a good start……looking up to the Moon.

What a Full Harvest Moon!

Awe from Merlin the Master

Channeled by Betina Ekman


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