All detached

All Stringed up and forecasted?

Before breathing this world you are linked-in your mother dear.
Scared like shit by the first diligent breath of air.
Forcefully de-corded too
Welcome baby – You rely on her.

She didn´t take an infant class
Generational wives talk she grasps
Google and Reality Tv and Shows
Welcome baby – Forgive her now.

Toddling and stumbling along
You monkey see monkey do her smart phone
I pad you with this word of confirmation
Your Face soon to be liked in the Book

Chatting down Twitter and Snap
Logging on to Entering the Net
Friendly to the Globe and bowing to likes
Trapped in and feeling misplaced

Android slowly deleting Originality
Conscious up and rebel the Apple
Live with Now and dare to stand out
Detached from Matrix- all is well

All detached – entering the land of the free Spirits
Breathing – sharing the present moment
Loving and Contributing with light and wisdom
Life path of Tomorrows uncertain day – That´s the way.

Copyright © Betina Ekman | All rights reserved December 2016


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