December words for 2016

A December channeling for year – 2016

We come forward to remind you of your path.
Let go of having to know everything.
Let go of wanting to control your path.
Let go of your darlings.

It has all been said before – but this time is so important – Those of you who understand this will see miracles next year – Those who haunt their darlings with their tonque hanging out will stay in their pain body – so come into the moment instead.
It’s just another ego game to ask to see hope for yourself, for your life, and for this world – into the future.

Bring your hope and your happiness to this moment. Bring your awareness to this moment.
Make your dreams come true by embracing the fullness of you, and celebrate yourself everyday.
When we all do that – we are all participating in the big contribution of spreading love between us.
That will benefit our beautiful planet.

And then please enjoy your beautiful December and may all your days be full of magic, love and playfulness.
You are magical beings already – embrace that and foremost acknowledge it.

Ask yourself – if you have unlocked all your doors and if it is time to harvest inside – that spectacular place within you. If more doors needs opening – you will be brought to those doors.

Magical sprinkles from Betina and a wonderful Magical Christmas with a prosperous New Year

Jul Betinato



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